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'BattleBots' Heads To Las Vegas For Explosive New Season

'BattleBots' Heads To Las Vegas For Explosive New Season | Celebrity Page

The bots are back!

With its sixth installment, the competitive series will usher in modern robots as well as familiar robots from the past, as they go head-to-head to see which will come out on top.

Returning bots including Minotaur, Duck and Hydra have the fans hyped up. The reigning champion End Game will have some fierce competition awaiting as new bots enter from around the world.

Advocate Channel stopped by BattleBots' new home Las Vegas where Chris Rose teased the new season.

"This is far and away the deepest field we have had. The engineering is better, the bots are faster, they are more powerful, the weaponry is amazing, the bot builders are smarter than ever before... robot combat fighting is a big thing all around the globe and it is really growing exponentially by the year," Rose said.

Even celebrity supporters have had their attention drawn to BattleBots, including rapper Lil Wayne and TV host David Letterman.

"[Lil Wayne and I] had a 30-minute conversation on how he and his son love 'BattleBots' and his peppering questions... some of them TV related, but most of them just about the sport and the people that participate in it."

BattleBots airs Thursday nights on Discovery Channel.

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