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Kelsey Grammer Opens Up On Historical New Role

Crafting one of the most influential TV careers of all time, Kelsey Grammer is taking on a role that goes beyond the realm of sitcoms. Our Hollywood Insider Arthur Kade connected with the star to learn more about his new film Charming the Hearts of Men.

Based on true events from the Civil Rights era, Charming the Hearts of Men tells the story behind how Kelsey Grammer's character ultimately made sure women were included in the landmark Civil Rights bill.

Kelsey Grammer plays the role of a Congressman who pushed for women to be included, and he shares with Kade what it means to tell an important story like this,

"It means everything. When this script crossed my desk, I was like "I didn't know that!" This congressman gave a speech on the floor saying if we pass this bill as written, your wives and daughters, mother and sisters, will be the only remaining second class citizens in America..."

Charming the Hearts of Men is in theaters now!

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