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Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show', Inclusivity and Quarantine

Jon Stewart Was Summoned to the White House for Something He Said on "The Daily Show"

Jon Stewart sat down on Sirius XM's The Howard Stern Show to give tell all on his new movie Irresistable, what diversity means to him, and what he's been doing in quarantine.

On June 24th, Jon Stewart talked with Howard Stern on Sirius XM's The Howard Stern Show to promote his new movie Irresistable.

An Era Of 'The Daily Show' From Jon Stewart To Trevor Noah

Stewart had nothing but praise for Trevor Noah, who is taking over host duties on The Daily Show. He notes that Noah is taking the show to higher stakes, saying in an interview with Howard Stern:

"It took 16 years to change at a glacial pace. For Trevor, it's a part of him. It flows from him naturally … It makes it better. The show is better. It's not meant as a denigration of me. …The evolution of show was also about opening our eyes to some of the realities of business around us. When we started, it was—like pretty much everything in late-night comedy—that sort of Harvard Lampoon school of pasty white guys sitting in a room. Evolving the show past that took a really long time. It was a lot of work and often times it came with defensiveness."

What Inclusivity Really Is 

Stewart highly emphasized the lesson of promoting inclusivity in the television system, saying to Stern:

"The reason is when you hire people from this business you generally hire from the interns that you formerly had on the show, but any intern who could afford to take three months off on college and spend that time polishing your grapes is going to come from a wealthy background, so all the people you were hiring were all socioeconomically at a very high level. What we did before was diversity for diversity sake. It was 'We don't have enough women writers, let's hire a woman. We don't have enough black writers, let's hire a black person.' But what we realized is we weren't changing the system, we were just granting access to a club everybody should have had access to in the first place."

Stewart's Adventures In Quarantine

Stewart revealed that he's been using his time in quarantine to learn how to play the drums, among other activities.

According to Rolling Stone, Stewart also talked with Stephen Colbert about how he's handling quarantine, saying:

"As someone who is really on the dividing line of those that the CDC would say, 'Put yourself in a hyperbaric chamber and don't come out until 2025'…I'm now considered old enough where this is a preexisting condition."

He also mentioned that he has been reading up on the 1918 influenza crisis, which has been compared to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, according to Rolling Stone. When asked by Colbert about the comparison, he said:

"That [pandemic] lasted two years! I thought [reading about it] was going to make me feel better. I thought there would be some old-timey like, 'Drink apple cider and mercury, and that'll be the elixir for your vitality.' 102 years, we've literally just been driving in circles. I think the politicization of just basic hygiene has been one of the more surprising aspects. A mask is now the 'Don't tread on me' snake. It's the symbol of tyranny…Next time you go to the operating room, you tell the doctor, 'Take that liberal bullshit somewhere else.'"

You can check out Irresistable, available now on Video on Demand!

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