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Democrats Are Using Jim Jordan as a Political Weapon, and They Just Might Win

Democrats Are Using Jim Jordan as a Political Weapon, and They Just Might Win
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Democrats have a plan to use Jim Jordan as a political weapon against Republicans in his fight for House Speakership.

Democrats are creating a strategy that will allow them to use Rep. Jim Jordan as a political weapon against Republicans in the next election should he become the speaker of the House.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee urged party members and candidates to portray the entire GOP as beholden to radicals should Republicans give Jordan the speaker’s gavel, according to a memo shared with NBC News.

The DCCC said in the memo that there are “no more moderates left in the Republican conference” and noted that Jordan will only win if “so-called moderates” decide to “cave” and elect him.

House restarts speaker search

The memo was released alongside the suspension of a House vote to elect Jordan as speaker. In order to become speaker, Jordan will need 217 out of the 221 Republicans in the House. Currently, it is unclear if Jordan has the votes and whether or not he will be able to unify House Republicans.

According to CNN, Jordan is bringing the House floor to vote on Tuesday on if he will succeed Speaker Kevin McCarthy. As of Tuesday morning, there are six Republicans who stated they were opposed to Jordan, and three were leaning away from him.

Traditionally, if all members of the House voted, Jordan could afford to lose four Republican votes. However according to CNN, Florida Rep. Gus Bilirakis will not be at the Capitol on Tuesday as he will be attending his mother-in-law’s funeral. This means that Jordan can only lose three GOP votes, if all the Democrats are there. Bilirakis’s office claims that he will arrive back in Washington as early as Tuesday evening so that drop will only be temporary.

Even if Jordan does not initially receive the needed votes he could force additional votes in a similar way to how McCarthy did with the 15 rounds it took him to be elected speaker.

The DCCC's memo stated that, “every Republican who votes for Jordan for Speaker is simply following Trump’s marching orders.”

The memo listed what it called “key examples of Jordan’s extremism,” citing his attempts to block the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory as well as his refusal to cooperate with subpoena by the discontinued House Jan. 6 committee. It also noted his role as a co-founder of the far-right Freedom Caucus, his opposition to bipartisan bills pertaining to immigration, and his aggressive tactics that Democrats claim caused “multiple government shutdowns.”

He also voted against the Respect for Marriage Act and led the House’s debate against the Equality Act, which would protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination through federal law.

The DCCC's memo also referenced allegations from when Jordan was a wrestling coach decades ago, when he allegedly ignored sexual abuse of wrestlers by a team doctor.

“A Speaker Jordan means extremism and far-right priorities will govern the House of Representatives,” the memo said. “It is imperative that our caucus makes clear to voters just how extreme Congressman Jordan is and how his Speakership would negatively impact working families across the country, threaten democratic norms, and weaken relationships with our allies.”

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