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The Cast Of 'Heels' Takes Fans Into The Pro-Wrestling World

The Cast Of 'Heels' Takes Fans Into The Pro-Wrestling World

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Ready to root for the "bad guy?"

From the action in the ring to the drama happening behind the scenes, Heels follows two brothers as they battle to be the top pro-wrestler.

Stephen Amell won the hearts of comic-book fans in his role as superhero Arrow. Now, the actor is taking center stage as Jack Spade, a heel in the wrestling world.

"In the wrestling world, there are good guys and there are bad guys. The good guys are called babyfaces and the bad guys are called heels. The heels are the ones who prop up the good guys. They're the ones that do all the work," Amell said.

In Heels, Jack's brother Ace (played by Vikings' Alexander Ludwig) is also a wrestler, but a "good guy," turning the siblings into rivals.

"His younger brother Ace is the big rising star. Because he's new, bright, shiny, and popular, other wrestling associations are trying to poach him. Jack needs to decide if he can let that happen... because if he lets that happen, what happens to the DWL?"

The series also features a variety of stars, including The West Wing'sMary McCormack, who gave insight on her experience working on the new show.

"I'm pretty excited to be a part of it, because I'm really proud of it. I think it's really good and the writing's really good, it's all from the writing. I think wrestling fans [and] non-wrestling fans will love this show," McCormack said.

Another seasoned actor co-starring on the show is True Blood's Chris Bauer.

"The foundation of the show is not just what's happening in the ring, but what's happening in people's houses and marriages. It takes the vocabulary of wrestling and just uses it as a super-context of day-to-day life," Bauer said.

Heels premieres on STARZ Sunday August 15th.

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