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Pride Month was amazing this year with LGBTQ+ visibility at an all time high. Check out all the celebrities who came out, the events and shows that took place, and a couple of special moments that really stood out.

Celebrities Who Came Out in 2021

Jojo Siwa made a huge announcement in January by coming out as queer/pansexual. The singer, dancer, content creator, and Nickelodeon star has a large impact on younger generations so coming out as queer will provide a lot of visibility for LGBTQ+ figures in young people's lives.

T.J. Osborne Is Ready to Tell His Story


The lead vocalist of the musical duo Brothers Osborne came out as gay in February during an interview with TIME Magazine. T.J. Osborne made history as the highest-profile and only gay country star signed to a major record label.

The Bachelor star and reality-TV personality came out as gay in an interview with Robin Roberts in April. This was huge news to the reality show's audience and the public was very supportive of Colton's decision to come out.


is it really that unexpected tho #pride

Larry Saperstein, best known for playing Big Red on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+, came out as bisexual on Tik Tok to kick off Pride Month.

American Idol star and singer David Archuleta discussed his sexuality in interviews and online during the first weeks of Pride Month. Archuleta focused on how he has been trying to find where he identifies in the LGBTQ+ community and how he has aimed to stay true to his religious self while doing so.

Dancer, comedian, and social media star Casey Frey came out on Theo Von's podcast on June 5th. Frey casually told the host that he is currently in a "relationship with a dude right now" which led fans to speculate that the star is bisexual.

The star of season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race came out as transgender during Pride Month. Estranja was very excited to see other celebrities deconstructing gender and was happy to be a part of that process.

The X-Men Apocalypse star came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community on June 1st. She discussed her struggles with sexuality and femininity along with how she has grown to overcome her previous denial.

One of the most recent celebrities to come out as gay during Pride Month is NFL player Carl Nassib. The defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders is the first active NFL player to be part of the LGBTQ+ community and the sports world has been very receptive to the news. Nassib donated $100,000 to The Trevor Project, a crisis and suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ+ youth; the NFL showed their support by matching the donation and posting in support of the Raiders' player.

The Biggest Pride Events

Miley Cyrus headlined one of the biggest hourlong Pride concerts called "Stand by You", streaming on Peacock now. The show was rounded out with huge stars including Brothers Osborne with T.J. Osborne who came out earlier this year.

iHeartMedia hosted their second annual "Can't Cancel Pride" fundraising concert on Youtube and various streaming platforms in the beginning of Pride Month. The event was hosted by Elvis Duran and Bebe Rexha and featured countless artists such as Demi Lovato and Lil Nas X.

Adam Lambert and his Feel Something Foundation collaborated with Pride Live's Stonewall Day to cap off the in-person and virtual weekend event with a collection of solely queer artists. The event can still be seen on Youtube and Lambert did an amazing job to raise money and support the Stonewall Day event from June 4th-6th.

LA Pride 2021 Events Announced


LA Pride included a free streaming Tik Tok concert hosted by Charli XCX on June 10th with tons of queer artists rounding out the lineup. Social media and streaming services have been truly supportive of Pride by hosting fundraisers and free concerts and it was exciting to see the newest app following through with this trend.

Pride Month's Visibility Moments

Lil Nas X performed his latest hit at the BET Awards and was inspired by Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time". The moment that really stood out from this amazing performance was when the artist finished the song and turned to passionately kiss one of his backup dancers. Lil Nas X is no stranger to backlash and homophobic comments after his single "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)". This moment was powerful as he is one of the only LGBTQ+ artists in the Hip Hop community and has been fully embracing this role despite the ridiculous attacks that he constantly receives.

The Disney+ star and singer proudly came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community in a GQ interview in June. The young actor has been in the news a lot recently as upcoming popstar Olivia Rodrigo released "Drivers License" about her relationship with Bassett. It's been great to see how open the young generation is with their sexuality and the 20-year-old Bassett coming out provides youth with another figure to look up to.

Sha'Carri Richardson made history this year as the youngest Olympic-qualifying track and field athlete with a 10.86 second 100-meter dash. The athlete has been a hot topic as she ran with bright orange hair that her "girlfriend" picked out along with some very glamorous long nails. Many are speculating that Richardson is queer as she tweeted a rainbow emoji and has talked about her girlfriend but no public statements have been made. Either way it was a powerful moment during Pride Month and we look forward to Sha'Carri killing it in her upcoming races.

Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef posed shirtless together for a cover shoot and upon posting this Martin received a lot of backlash and a significant amount of people unfollowing his Instagram account. The King of Latin Pop addressed this hate directly on Instagram and wanted to communicate how the thought behind unfollowing for this post is problematic and can seriously impact members of the LGBTQ+ community. He discussed how these derogatory comments are what scared him about coming out as he posed with some fashionable nails to emphasize his pride.

Queen Latifah was honored with the BET Lifetime Achievement Award this month and finished her speech with "Happy Pride!" as she thanked her partner Eboni Nichols. Queen Latifah has refused to discuss her personal life in interviews and this was her first confirmation of her relationship with Nichols although the couple has been together for nearly a decade and have a child together.

Megan Fox has been in the news quite a lot recently as her relationship with rapper/singer Machine Gun Kelly continuously makes headlines. Fox originally came out as bisexual in 2008 and she has been an icon for many for the community ever since. Some in the comments used the term "Bi-con" to describe the actor and we couldn't agree more!

2021 has been full of Pride with many celebrities coming out, new LGBTQ+ stars to look up to, and a ton of support from social media and streaming services. We also want to acknowledge the countless Pride parades and celebrations that individuals and organizations set up because the community would not be what it is without everyone celebrating and honoring that tradition.

We look forward to celebrities and the public celebrating Pride year-round but for now: Happy Pride Month!

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