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The End Of '13 Reasons Why' Is Here. What Should You Watch Next?

We're checking in with Ranker for what shows are watchworthy after finishing '13 Reasons Why'

Are you going to miss 13 Reasons Why? Ranker is here to tell you about what shows to binge next!


Based on the Archie Comics, the dark mystery series has just finished it's 4th season and is still going strong. Riverdalehas dark themes and characters which according to Watchworthy, matches well with 13 Reasons Why. You can catch up on Riverdale on Netflix and The CW App.


Need a cheer up after watching one of Netflix's darkest shows? Atypicalfocuses on themes of autism, and self discovery while giving viewers hope. While different from 13 Reasons Why in terms of tone, it is definitely just what viewers need. Netflix tells us that Atypical focuses on:

"When a teen on the autism spectrum decides to get a girlfriend, his bid for more independence puts his whole family on a path of self-discovery."

American Vandal

Want something different? The Netflix show American Vandal is here. The mockumentary comedy is the perfect opposite that some streamers might need. Netflix describes the show:

"In the wake of their first documentary's success, Peter and Sam seek a new case and settle on a stomach-churning mystery at a Washington high school."

You can find more info about these shows and other shows you're worthy for on the Watchworthy app!

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