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Former NBA Star Baron Davis Providing A Platform For Black Creators, Partnering With Blue Wire Podcasts

Baron Davis

NBA star Baron Davis is teaming up with Blue Wire Podcasts to support the voices of black creators.

Baron Davis has stepped off the court and into the world of entrepreneurship and content creating. With podcasts becoming increasingly popular, Davis is taking the opportunity to invest in Blue Wire, a sports podcast startup.

Davis has made his presence known on social media about the protests over the death of George Floyd. In the video above Davis shares his experiences with racial inequality and how leaders have to hold themselves and the government accountable.

"We don't want to be part of an institution that persecutes people, that harms people, that misjudges people, that frustrates people, that blocks them off creating baracades around their spirit and future. It's just for me, a cry for us to step up."

To enact change, Davis is making it his top priority to provide a voice for black creators. With turning down opportunities to partner with larger and more established companies, Davis chose Blue Wire to maintain IP rights and creative control. By doing this, it is allowing him to build from the ground up and not be held down from other large companies. Davis shared his thoughts on the innovative podcast with Variety, saying:

"We should be thinking about the future of media. This is a new age. We're building something from scratch for this generation."

The partnership with Blue Wire is just an addition of what Davis has accomplished outside of the NBA. Being an original investor for Vitaminwater has allowed him to become a founder of several successful companies other than Slic, such as The Black Santa Company, BIG, and No Label that are all under Baron Davis Enterprises. Due to his past successes, the collaboration with Blue Wire has the opportunity to be a true voice for black creators.

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