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Forbes' Richest People of 2020

Here are your top ten most successful individuals for this year.

You've heard of them all, and you've probably envied their success. Here is a list of Forbes' list the richest people in the world for the year of 2020.

#1: Jeff Bezos

Do we even have to explain this one? Amazon creator Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world for 2020, taking the #1 spot from previous titleholder Bill Gates for the third consecutive year. In fact, Gates doesn't even come close to Bezo's $192 billion net worth.

Bezos has truly changed the game of internet buying when he developed Amazon out of his Seattle garage in 1994. He's truly the definition of a self-made billionaire.

#2: Bill Gates

Billionaires can have fun too, right? ⬆️

Founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates is worth a whopping $115.6 billion. Although Gates has given away most of his stake at Microsoft, his worth was made primarily through there.

His new project, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is currently the world's largest private charitable foundation. They're currently invested in helping defeat the coronavirus pandemic by funding treatment and vaccines.

#3: Bernard Arnault

This billionaire has great fashion taste, as he is the head of 70 brands including both Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and Tiffany & Co. He barely misses the #2 spot, with a net worth of $115.1 billion.

He resides in Paris, France with his wife and 5 children. Fun fact: 4 of his kids work in various areas of the LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) company. I think we can all agree that their lives sound like a dream.

#4: Warren Buffett

He may be 90 years old, but that doesn't stop Warren Buffett from being one of the greatest investors the world has ever seen. He has a net worth of $83 billion.

He owns more than 60 companies, including Berkshire Hathaway, Geico, and Dairy Queen.

According to Forbes, Buffett still lives in the same home in Omaha, Nebraska that he purchased in 1958 - sounds like a true homebody!

#5: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most iconic professionals of all time, and his creation of Facebook has turned social media into what it is today. His real time net worth is right at $100.5 billion.

Just at the age of 19, Zuckerberg created Facebook while attending Harvard. That sentence as a whole screams success.

He and his wife Priscilla are planning to spend $3 billion to end and cure disease by the year 2100, according to the Forbeswebsite.

#6: Larry Ellison

Coming in at 6th place for richest people in the world is Larry Ellison, co-founder of the huge software company Oracle. Ellison's real time net worth is currently $74.7 billion. Although he retired from Oracle CEO in 2014, he is still chairman and chief technology officer.

Ellison also joined the Tesla company in 2018, and has since purchased $3 million in shares.

To take a little glimpse of what life is like as the 5th richest in the world, Ellison owns an entire island in Hawaii named Lanai that he bought for $300 million. How casual!

#7: Armancio Ortega

Both a worldwide and European icon, Armancio Ortega is the wealthiest clothing retailer on Earth - with a net worth of $64.6 billion.

He is the co-founder of Inditex, which holds the infamous Zara fashion chain.

Although an extremely famous billionaire, Ortega has once stated:

"In the street, I only want to be recognized by my family, my friends, and people I work with"

#8, #9, #10: The Walton Family

Last but not least, Alice, Jim, and Rob Walton take the final 3 spots of the top 10 richest of the world.

Have you ever seen a more successful sibling trio? They are heirs of their father Sam Walton, who just so happens to be the founder of Walmart.

Alice's current net worth is $65.7 billion, Jim's is $65.5 billion and Rob's is $65.2 billion - talk about a close race!

Rob Walton is the current chairman of Walmart, taking over after his father's death in 1992.

Although Alice is tied to the infamous Walmart name, she has focused more on the arts than her father's company.

As for Jim, he is also chairman of the Walton family's Arvest Bank.

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