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'Fake Heiress' Anna Sorokin and Julia Fox Are Friends!?

'Fake Heiress' Anna Sorokin and Julia Fox Are Friends!?

The unlikely friendship between two It Girls.

NYC's biggest conwoman is friends with Kanye West's ex.

Anna Sorokin, who formerly used the name Anna Delvey, has been in the news recently as details from the documentary about her life and crimes, Inventing Anna, have been released. It's set to star Julia Garner and will dive into how Sorokin was able to scam her way into the ranks of the wealthy elites.

While awaiting deportation for an overstayed visa, Sorokin sat down for an interview with the New York Times where she answered their pressing questions. Sorokin revealed, to everyone's surprise, that she's friends with Julia Fox. She stated,

"We have some mutual friends — she is a girl about town. We actually connected on Instagram when I was out, and we DM’ed a bit, and then she jumped on my Clubhouse, which was really random. I was answering people’s questions about my experience, and she made the forum so much better. She asked all the right questions. We have a similar sense of humor. She was never judgmental, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.”

Fox has also been in the news recently for her brief romance with rapper Kanye West. Sorokin laments that the media is doing her a disservice by focusing solely on her relationship status, saying,

“She has lots of interesting creative projects going on, and I feel like the media is not doing her justice talking about her dating life. We are actually working on a little something together."

Sorokin would not reveal what this secret project is, but expects the details to drop "really soon". Fox has publicly supported Sorokin when she posted on her Instagram that Sorokin was "killing it behind bars" referring to her as "my dear sis".

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