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Cody Rigsby of LOL Cody holds framed portrait of drag queen Trixie Mattel

In an interview with The Advocate Channel, Rigsby called his series a "talk show on wheels" that will bring several queer icons on ride-alongs.

Peloton has announced its first-ever variety class series with queer host Cody Rigsby. Tracy E. Gilchrist of Advocate Today recently sat down with the fitness instructor to learn how he is inspiring change through LOL Cody.

Rigsby calls his class a "talk show on wheels," combining fitness and entertainment by taking celebrities for a ride in a series of instructional workouts that are sure to make audiences smile.

"That's the whole point, is making exercise distracting and entertainment, so you forget about the work that you're doing and you're just having a good time," Rigsby says. "And hopefully laughing."

As the "Peloton King of Pop Culture," Rigsby shares that he wanted to sharpen his hosting skills following his previous series, XOXO Cody, which had a similar structure but featured Rigsby's advice and hot takes on dating. Rigsby says that he also aimed to elevate the voices of his colleagues, all of whom are queer icons, as well as share his platform in a different medium with them.

"I think we all stick with the idea that a rising tide will lift all boats," he says. "So there's so many seats at the table, and I will always want to amplify my colleagues because they're amazing people, they're amazing at what they do. They have their own lane, they have their own voice. And so it's really a celebration of them, but also letting people in on the relationships that we have together because we're such a supportive group and we're in each others lives."

The first guest of LOL Cody is drag pioneer and superstar Trixie Mattel. The show also features celebrities such as Carly Rae Jepsen, and those who have had an impact on LGBTQ+ audiences. By highlighting queer icons and sharing their experiences, Rigsby hopes to reach areas that don't have much exposure to queer people in their life, which he calls a "domino effect."

"It just reminds them that this is this place where they can change their mind. Now they know someone that's gay, now they know someone who's queer," he explains. "And that may change the way that they move throughout their own community, and how they make decisions in their community."

Rigsby also believes the series will touch those in the LGBTQ+ community. The importance of a queer fitness program is not lost on him, as Rigsby aims to make his position a source of inspiration for others.

He says, "Queer people, queer culture has felt like home to me for such a long time. The vast majority of my life I didn't feel I had a place to belong, I didn't feel like I had a family. And my chosen family here in New York has changed that. Queer culture has really influenced me and inspired me. I take it as a great responsibility to create a better world with the platform I have."

LOL Cody is available via Peloton. Until it's time for a workout, catch Rigsby's full interview with The Advocate Channel below.

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