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Dr. Brad Teases "Rare" Cases In New Season Of 'My Feet Are Killing Me'

This season looks toe-tally intense.

Dr. Brad Schaeffer is putting his best foot forward!

My Feet Are Killing Me is returning for an all new third season on TLC, with even more unfathomable cases on display.

"Season three just upped its ante even further. I did some research, some biopsies... lots to uncover. We have an extremely rare case coming up that, honestly, I don't even remember learning about in medical school," Dr. Schaeffer said.

This season is also promising more inspirational stories, as people find their inner confidence after life-changing transformations.

"When we're looking for patients, we're looking for great transformations... people with just incredible stories. There's patients out there that are finally finding that they have an outlet. This show is giving that to people. I don't know how we've been able to top it, but wait until you see season three baby, it's pretty crazy."

The doc is also taking a big step in his personal career, by opening his own practice in the Big Apple! SOLE Podiatry N.Y.C. is located right next to Central Park.

"I'm a new owner! It's extremely humbling. I never thought I'd be necessarily a practice owner, let alone owning in New York City on Central Park."

And his commute? A breeze! The star takes a scooter to his office every day.

"I take a ferry over across the river. I take my scooter off the ferry and I go off the west side highway to my office. Maybe a future season will have the nice move and a little scooter ride by Dr. Brad to New York City!"

My Feet Are Killing Me premieres Wednesday, August 4th, on TLC.

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