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Maureen McCormick and Dan Vickery Dish On Their New Discovery+ Show

For fans of home remodeling shows, you don't want to miss out on seeing this.

Everyone knows the story of a lovely lady who we all knew as Marcia Brady. Now Maureen McCormick is the host of a new show on Discovery+.

What do you do when your home hasn't been redecorated in years? You call in two experts! Maureen McCormick and Dan Vickery are teaming up to overhauling homes in Frozen in Time.

McCormick shares in an exclusive interview with Advocate Channel:

"We're going into people's homes, some of them that have never been touched. They are frozen in time and to hear these people's stories is amazing. Then, to see the reactions to what we have done is fantastic."

Her co-star, Vickery, adds:

"Well I think that's a really good point. A lot of these homes have a story – they're passed down through generations and that's why they haven't been touched. And it's hard for people to even take that first step because oftentimes they feel like by changing, they're letting go."

The designer also shared his own fangirl moments working with the legendary McCormick in the clip above.

McCormick joined in on the love, sharing about Vickery:

"I have not met and worked with many people that care the way you do. It's just beautiful."

Frozen in Time is streaming now on Discovery+.

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