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Mike Rowe Gives Fans A History Lesson On Discovery+

Mike Rowe Gives Fans A History Lesson On Discovery+

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In a tribute to his father, Mike Rowe presents Six Degrees With Mike Rowe, a series for those who would never watch a typical show centered around history.

Not Your Average History Lesson 👨‍🏫

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe is now taking on a new series to explain how everything in the world is connected, one way or another.

Mike Rowe hopped on Zoom with us to chat all about the show:

"All events are connected. All people are connected. I hope when people watch this show, on some level they'll realize, yeah, we're all still a little more connected maybe than we thought we were."

Six Degrees With Mike Rowe is meant to showcase to viewers how we are all connected in various ways. Through reenactments, puppets, and dumbfounding questions, Rowe introduces interesting takes on history class.

The Question of the Day ❓

Each episode of Six Degrees is framed the same, but with very different endings.

"Each episode starts with a ridiculous question like...
'Can a horseshoe find your soulmate? Can a mousetrap cure a hangover? Right?'
The weirder the better and then I get an hour to connect those two points with really any kind of production device that I want."

Making History Fun 🌟

From topics such as the Civil War to hangover cures, at its core Six Degrees intends to remind its audience how we are all connected.

"'Six Degrees' is a tribute to my dad who taught history to high school kids for 30 years. We wanted to do a history show for people who would never watch a history show and I think we might've done it."

Six Degrees With Mike Rowe is streaming now on Discovery+.

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