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Celebrities Who Are Big Time Gamers

Celebrities Who Are Big Time Gamers
Adapted from Instagram @arianagrande, Faye's Vision/Cover Images, Nicholas Hunt/Getty, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, and Unsplash

After a long day of being in the spotlight, these celebs have been known to pick up the controller every now and then:

From celebrities that proudly livestream their gameplay for all to see to those who are more quiet about their video game addiction, here are some stars who you might not have known are avid gamers:

Post Malone

The Rockstar rapperhas streamed on Twitch, playing PUBG, Call of Duty: WWII, and recently announced that he is becoming part owner of the pro Call of Duty League, Dallas Empire.


This past summer, the rapper signed a deal with the live-stream gaming platform, Twitch, to stream weekly with them. Logic says to have started using Twitch around 2016, so he is very familiar with the realm of live gaming. Recently, he has been playing the new online multiplayer game that has practically gone viral, called Among Us. Along with that, he has played a great deal of Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Uncharted, and Star Wars: Squadrons.

J Balvin

Columbian singer J Balvin has done collaborations with Spongebob Squarepants, McDonald's, and now, the video game Fortnite. He is set to perform virtually in the Fortnite game on Halloween.

Travis Scott

Another celebrity who has worked with Fortnite is rapper Travis Scott. This past April, Travis Scott also did a performance in Fortnite.

Ariana Grande

With Eevee tattood on her arm and having dressed up as Eeevee on Halloween, we know that singer Ariana Grande is quite the Pokémon catcher. She even Tweeted about binge-gaming!


Rapper T-Pain, or known as Nappy Boy Gaming, has been involved in the gaming community for a couple of years now. Recently, he has been playing Among Us, Dead By Daylight, Party Animals, and Two Point Hospital.

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus has been a fan of classics like The Legend of Zelda, even getting a triforce from the game tattoo'd on her arm. This past summer, she worked with Sony to create a music video for her song July by using PS4 game play from the Media Molecule game, Dreams.


Music producer Deadmau5 has worked with Fortnite in the past, performing his music for the Party Royale Premiere this past spring. He also streams on Twitch from time to time, playing PUBG, Rocket League, and streaming his digital art.

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