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EXCLUSIVE: DWTS Pro Britt Stewart Believes Representation Matters

Watch our exclusive inside interview with the DWTS pro.

Have you been watching the latest season of Dancing with the Stars? If so, you probably noticed the new professional dancer Britt Stewart who is capturing America's attention. Our social media producer, Ricky Cornish was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the star that's taking over the ballroom with her partner, Johnny Weir.

Representation Matters

Stewart is the first black female professional dancer to join DWTS. She discussed how representation on the show is getting all the attention it needs and how it has been an honor to be a part of the experience stating:

"It's overwhelming and it's also an honor...Representation really matters to me. I think there's something to be said and seeing a reflection of yourself on television and I think that every TV show should be representative of that in every way."

She continued her comment by stating:

"Me, growing up of course I had so many role models of black females, diverse but of everybody. But there is something that you know you can find that inspiration and passion within yourself and drive within yourself."

Her Inspiring Partner

This season Stewart is partnered with professional and Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir. Stewart and Weir share a special passion together by being different forms of representation to audiences making them smile with their dances. She stated:

"You know I think it's so special being my first season, first black female on the show I would have not wanted any other person than Johnny to be honest with you. We represent a really specific group of people in America and we are only hoping to continue to inspire and show our stories and showcase our stories to just really help people you know bring smiles to their face or relate to us or you know get the courage to do something they haven't wanted to do. It's been really special."

New Host Tyra Banks Is Awesome

Earlier this year, it was announced that the previous host of DWTS Tom Bergeron wouldn't be returning and the series would have a new host and executive producer, Tyra Banks. When asked about what it's like to have Banks as host, Stewart shared her enthusiasm stating:

"It's amazing to see Tyra host the show. You know I think that her being the executive producer and host of the show, me myself I think it's honestly bigger than us! We're really you know us being the first we're really just opening the doors to more opportunity, more possibility, and I think Tyra is doing awesome."

Stewart commented how she had really big shoes to fill and how well she has been doing.

"I think she had really big shoes to fill and you know we all love America, the Dancing with the Stars family, love Tom Bergeron. He is absolutely amazing and so Tyra is a, excuse me, a bad a** woman to come in and fill those shows and do it well."

Stewart also stated how happy she is to be part of show that is celebrating diversity, strong woman empowerment, and diversity of any type. We can agree that Banks is doing an awesome job, but Stewart is doing amazing also.

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