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Spencer Stevenson Opens Up About Queer Role in Shakespeare Movie Rosaline

Spencer Stevenson Opens Up About Queer Role in Shakespeare Movie Rosaline
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The actor tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now about his role as Paris in Hulu's Rosaline, and the representation it offers queer and Black communities.

Spencer Stevenson is bringing queer representation to Shakespeare in Hulu's recent film, Rosaline.

Rosaline is a romantic comedy based on Shakespeare's stage play, Romeo and Juliet, except Hulu's version is told from the perspective of Rosaline — Romeo's ex.

Stevenson plays Paris, Rosaline's "gay best friend" in the movie. As a queer Black man, Stevenson is excited to bring representation to a classic story that's often been white-washed.

Spencer Stevenson | Advocate Now

"Growing up, I didn't really have representation for myself on screen, so it feels good to, like, possibly give that back to someone that looks like me..." Stevenson tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now.

While his identity has led to roadblocks in his career, Stevenson takes pride in the work ethic he's developed in his professional journey.

"It's made my ambition," Stevenson explains. "I'm a really hard worker. I mean, I think [being gay and Black] has a lot to do with it. I'm also from Texas. I was born and raised in Texas and come from a conservative upbringing. So like, I think all of that combined, I just had to work my a-- off even harder, you know? And it's kind of made me the man I am today."

Stevenson is also excited for the costumes in Rosaline, as fashion is another passion of his. The period costumes are intricate enough for anyone to feel stylish in, but Stevenson shares that he's more comfortable in oversized loungewear, as he feels confident regardless of what he wears.

"If you like something and you feel good in it, that's all that really matters," he says. "And if you carry that around, everyone else is going to get it."

You can catch Rosaline on Hulu now. For more interviews like these, watch Advocate Now on The Advocate Channel.

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