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Blake Shelton Shares New Details About Wedding to Gwen Stefani and Newest 'Voice' Coach Ariana Grande

Blake Shelton tells SiriusXM's Storme Warren all about his wedding, honeymoon, and Ariana Grande.

In an interview on Sirius XM, Blake Shelton opened up about his new marriage to pop star Gwen Stefani.

The pair tied the knot in a private Oklahoma ceremony earlier this month, and Shelton gave Sirius XM's Storme Warren of The Storme Warren Show all the details.

In the interview, Shelton shared that he teamed up with fellow songwriter Craig Wiseman to write a wedding song for his bride, and when asked why he decided to share it with the world, Shelton replied:

I think it's something I want to share because I'm really proud of it. And I'm, I, you know, to me, a marriage, a ceremony is you're not keeping it private when you get married to somebody you're announcing to the world, 'Hey, this is my wife, just so everybody knows.' That's why we wear these rings. You know, this is where we're together now. And, and I feel that way about the song. It's like, it is a, uh, you know, for me something that I want people to hear and know, and because I'm, I'm proud to be married to Gwen and so proud of that song.

As for the honeymoon, well, it hasn't happened yet.

According to Shelton, the couple just wanted time to relax following the wedding, so they stayed in Oklahoma. A place the two love and where Stefani enjoys another one of her passions.

"For she and I, you know, so we just stayed there in Oklahoma and just had some quiet time, just she and I, and, you know. She's really into right now, uh, as she always has been. But since she spending more time in Oklahoma, she's realizing that the agriculture part of Oklahoma and the, and the things that you can do, and her passion is, outside of music, is flowers. And so this, this last spring, when we had time, we went and planted like a few acres of just Xenias and there's like, oh, this isn't going to work, you know, but we'll try it. And man, we've had all this rain this year and wildflowers acres of those things, you know. And so she's an absolute heaven with that. And so she wouldn't have wanted to leave anyway, because she can just literally walk out there and stand in acres of those things. And she loves, I do too it's cool," Shelton said.

In addition to adjusting to married life, Shelton is also adjusting to performing live again.

His first show since the pandemic was July 18 in Wisconsin, and Shelton told Warren about the fear he felt during the performance.

Another intimate detail Shelton uncovered was that Stefani waited until the last minute to write her wedding vows.

After putting it off for weeks and some encouragement from their friend and wedding officiant Carson Daly, Stefani finally put pen to paper the night before the ceremony.

"And so, and right up until the night before, uh, she was working on hers and it was incredible. I still haven't even seen a video of, of our wedding yet. So I can't remember all, all the things she said, but it was, she had them written down and she had a hard time getting through them. I had a hard time, uh, you know, trying to, you know, get through what she said also," Shelton said.

Wedding and marriage aside, Shelton also revealed his feelings about fellow Voicecoach Ariana Grande who is joining the NBC show for its upcoming season.

"Ariana is, uh, she's fierce, buddy. I got to tell you she's, she is a tiny human being, but she is a fierce competitor and she's, she's a blast," Shelton said of Grande.

You can listen to SiriusXM's The Storme Warren Show weekday mornings at 7:00 a.m. on SiriusXM's The Highway channel.

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