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Big Brother Winner Taylor Hale Gets Candid About Microaggressions and Confidence in Women

Big Brother Winner Taylor Hale Gets Candid About Microaggressions and Confidence in Women
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The first black woman to win the competition series tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now how she made it through a turbulent season and came out on top.

Taylor Hale made Big Brother history on the show's 24th season when she became the first black woman to win the competition series.

Simultaneously crowned America's favorite player, audiences resonated with Hale throughout her season as she faced callous treatment from several of her castmates.

Taylor Hale | Advocate Now 

The Miss Michigan winner was the subject of rumors and microaggressions, though, Hale shares that her treatment did not come as a surprise. She says that while she "didn't try to make [herself] a victim," she was "very keenly aware" that what she experienced in the game is something Black women experience daily in real life.

"I knew going into the game that the history of how black women have been treated was not that fantastic," she tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "We've had women, black women who have been bullied, harassed... every microaggression in the world on their backs. So, I knew that going into the game, I would have to carry a torch or hold that mantle in a capacity."

Hale shares that she believes some of the hostility directed at her stemmed from her confident demeanor, and that she was "being ostracized because I was very strong and confident, and — let's be real — Black."

After rising above the negativity, Hale wants to use her victory as a way to motivate more women to be unashamed in their success. She also hopes that audiences find inspiration in her journey, and realize that their goals are achievable.

"I want more women to be confident. I want more women of color to be unapologetically confident because the more of us that there are, the less excuses people have to try to put us in a corner," she explains, continuing, "I want other people to look at me and see a person they can be inspired by. I want people to see that what might look unattainable is attainable. You just have to be dedicated to your goals, your dreams, and don't be afraid to talk about your accomplishments."

Hale adds: "Screw the standard, fight against it, push against it, and invite more people in."

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