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Stormy Daniels Opens Up About Bisexuality and New Reality Series For the Love of DILFs

​Stormy Daniels
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Daniels tells Advocate Today about the newest chapter in her career as host of new reality series, For the Love of DILFs, which follows the dating lives of LGBTQ+ men.

Stormy Daniels is living as her most authentic self.

The actor, producer, and director is marking a new chapter in her career by hosting new reality series, For the Love of DILFs, which follows the dating lives of LGBTQ+ men.

Though strangers to each other, all of the participants spend the season living in the same house together, where Daniels also stayed during the filming of the series, she tells Tracy E. Gilchrist of Advocate Today.

"The funniest thing about it was how a lot of houses that we're filming in over the last year with a lot of very beautiful men. And this is the first time I've slept in a house and none of them wanted to have sex with me," Daniels jokes.

Stormy Daniels | Advocate Today

Known for her work in the adult film industry, sex positivity is important to Daniels. One of the aspects of the series she appreciates were the open and honest conversations participants were able to have about not just preferences, but also consent and trauma.

"It was sex positive, but it was also body positive. And there were all these these men from from different backgrounds and different ethnicities and different races and different jobs and different body styles and colors and shapes," Daniels explains, continuing, "I liked that they were open about talking about their not just their sexual preferences ... But they also were very open about talking about their boundaries and their limits and communication."

Daniels believes these are important conversations for LGBTQ+ individuals to have, especially due to the stereotypes that exist around queer communities and sex. In the same way gay men are pigeonholed as flamboyant and sexual, Daniels feels she has sometimes been written off because of her history.

"I'm more than one dimensional. And I think that that's kind of how the general population sees kind of gay men," she explains. "They're just this one dimension and that has how they have been portrayed stereotypically in television and movies even. We all see the flamboyant character, but there's so much more than that. Just like as a porn star. That's what people think about me, that we're just we're not human, and we are. Everybody's human. Everybody has this whole range of things."

Daniels herself is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, identifying as bisexual for the majority of her life, though she shares that many followers recently expressed surprise after she discussed her sexuality on Twitter.

"I am married to a man, but I do love women," Daniels says, continuing, "The people I was around and the industries that I was in never really thought twice about it. So it was kind of a shock to me that people thought that was such a big deal, it was very eye opening to me."

As she enters the newest phase of her career, there's only one message Daniels has for those who may still be hung up on "the orange elephant in the room."

"All that I would like people to know is I've always been the exact same person," she says. "For better or worse, this is what you get. It gets me in trouble. That's honest to a fault."

For the Love of DILFs streams January 31 on OUTtv. For more interviews like these, watch Advocate Today on The Advocate Channel.

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