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EXCLUSIVE: Beth Hall Says 'Mom' Will Be an Escape From The Pandemic

Beth Hall Says 'Mom' Will Be an Escape From The Pandemic

Don't expect to see Anna Faris or Covid-19 on Season 8 of Mom.

Season 8 of Momis going to look a lot different to fans, but rest assured Beth Hall tells Advocate Channel that you can still expect "more fun and hilarity."

Anna Faris, making headlines in September after announcing her departure from the show in which she starred alongside Allison Janney as a mother-daughter duo fighting alcoholism together.

Beth Hall signed on a little after the show gained popularity and has been a fan-favorite ever since.

Mom will be giving Anna Faris' character, Christy, a proper and memorable sendoff while focusing on her sobriety. As we all hope for Christy's success on her sober journey, Beth Hall says that the show can hopefully be "an escape from [sic] day to day mask-wearing Covid lives."Season 8 of Mom premieres tonight on CBS.

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