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Go Behind The Scenes Of Russell Crowe's Latest Film 'Unhinged'

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Russell Crowe is giving an inside look into the making of his new movie!

From a gladiator to a genius, what can't Russell Crowe do? In the new thriller Unhinged, Crowe plays a driver with road rage that goes a little crazy.

Directed by Derrick Borte, Unhinged follows the story of a newly divorced single mother Rachel, played by Caren Pistorious, who is harrassed by an unstable man Tom, played by Crowe, following a road rage incident. After many attempts to escaping Tom, Rachel finds herself in a predicament when Tom shows up at her door, terrorizing her and her son. The film is the action packed movie of the summer that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.

The Oscar winner spoke on his experience with the film:

"She just yells at the wrong dude on the wrong day you know and he doesn't care about the consequences because he's already crossed the line. He's no longer capable of any level of humanity."

Pistorious also sat down to talk about why she thought she had blown her chance of starring in the film:

"They want you to fly to New Orleans tomorrow to read with Russell Crowe. So I was just shocked and I just thought how is this happening because I just did the worst audition of my life, that's how I felt."

However, the New Zealand actress' feelings about her poor audition were not mutual. Crowe praised the actress on her work in the film, comparing her to movie legends:

"There was just something about her that kind of lent into that combined vulnerability and strength of a Nicole Kidman or a Meryl Streep."

Despite the thrilling plot, Crowe mentions how the film is more relevant than ever in today's political climate:

"Where we are in terms of seeming inability of people from different perspectives to have a polite conversation with each other. He's (Tom) looking for some kind of balance, some kind of indicator from other people that he's not invisible, that he has some kind of worth."

Unhinged is set to premiere August 21st. However, given the coronavirus pandemic, that is very much subject to change.

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