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17,000 Australians Sign Petition to Prevent Donald Trump Jr. From Visiting

Donald Trump Jr
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The latest gripping political matchup is between Donald Trump Jr. and... the nation of Australia.

A petition seeking to ban Donald Trump Jr. from entering the nation of Australia has obtained over 17,000 signatures.

Hosted on change.org and started by Kris Eriksen, the petition aims to prevent the former president's eldest son from receiving a travel visa for his upcoming visit to the country. As of now, the petition has received over 17,000 signatures out of its 25,000 goal.

“Donald Trump Jr is an illegal drug-taking bigoted person who should not be allowed to enter Australia for the purpose of earning himself and possibly his father any ‘Campaign Contributions,’” the petition reads. “Ban him from this country.”

Trump Jr. will be travelling to the country July 9-11 as part of a tour sponsored by Turning Point, a conservative organization formed by white supremacist Charlie Kirk. Trump Jr. will be speaking in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane alongside Nigel Farage, former Brexit Party leader in the United Kingdom.

Signers of the petition cite their reasons for doing so with comments such as "Donald Trump Jr supported an insurrection," and "The Trumps have no place in Australia." One reads: "We have enough of our own fascists here. No need to welcome more."

Another notes that as Trump Jr. "doesn't pass the character test" he "should be refused a visa." Under Australia's character requirements for visas, which are also required for personal travel, those with criminal records are primarily excluded from the country.

Trump Jr. has not yet been convicted of a crime, unlike his father, but the restrictions note that visas can be denied to those who "are or have been a member of a group or organisation, or had or have an association with a person, group, or organisation that the Minister reasonably suspects of being involved in criminal conduct."

Many believe that Trump Jr. and his father's apparent involvement in the January 6 riots would prevent him from entering Australia under these provisions. However, the laws note that even "general conduct shows that you are not of good character" is enough to prevent a visa from being issued.

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