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Meet the Impressive Women Behind Apple's Amber Brown

Meet the Impressive Women Behind Apple's Amber Brown
What To Watch: 'The Terminal List' & 'Amber Brown' | Celebrity Page

Bonnie Hunt and Sarah Drew bring the beloved books to streaming.

Just as kids are finishing up their summer reading lists and getting ready to head back to school, along comes a brand new series based on the best-selling Amber Brown books by author Paula Danziger.

Most of us know actress Bonnie Hunt from movies like Cheaper By The Dozen, Jerry Maguire and Return To Me (which she also directed). But now, Hunt is writing and directing this new streaming series.

Amber Brown follows a young, mixed-race girl, trying to find her voice through art and music, after her parents get divorced.

For Hunt, her reason for wanting to bring these books to the screen, was all about her own family. As she told Advocate Channel Executive Producer Darren Garrett:

"My mom was encouraging me for a long time to write for this generation, for this younger generation to speak to them from my heart the way I speak to my nieces and nephews. So I started there..."

Among the stars of the series are Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew. She plays Amber's single mom. Drew told Garrett what it was about the series that made her want to get involved.

"it's kind of how you hope every parental relationship with their children are, which is just full of trust. Bonnie wrote the most incredible scripts for us," Drew said. "And we hope that as people watch it, it gives them language in how to speak to their kids and how the kids can speak to their parents and how to build trust in all of those beautiful things."

Playing the title character is young actress Carsyn Rose. She hopes the series speaks not only to kids her age, but to the entire family:

"I feel like the whole family can sit and watch it together and see themselves reflected in a lot of the different characters," Rose said. "There's gonna be some mom out there that feels like they're connected...and some kid out there that feels like they're connected to me."

Amber Brown premieres Friday July 29th on Apple TV+.

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