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What Zendaya Wants for Rue in Euphoria Season 3


Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria, which the actress recently answered questions about.

The Euphoria stars discussed what might lie ahead for them in a recent Q&A.

Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer, and Maude Apatow convened for an awards season Q&A this past Sunday to chat all things Euphoria and shared their hopes for their characters moving forward.

Euphoria wrapped up its explosive second season at the beginning of this year and became a bonafide pop culture phenomenon in the process, launching endless memes alongside an avalanche of criticism.

The HBO series follows a chaotic cast of teens grappling with issues of love, sex, cheating, drugs, and violence. Euphoria is narrated by Rue, a struggling drug addict who has a tendency to project her pain onto her friends and family.

Though season three is still a while off, the stars are already mentally preparing for what's to come.

At the Los Angeles event at the Paramount Theater, Zendaya discussed the original fate creator Sam Levinson had in store for Rue until he changed the season completely, and she expressed her gratitude. Zendaya said (as reported by THR):

“There was a much sadder ending to this season, and so we were thinking, ‘We can’t leave her here, she means too much to us.’ I think, collectively, as a people, we all needed a little bit of hope. We needed something to look forward to, some goodness and some joy, and trying to find that in a very painful time.”

The character is plainly important to her, but it seems Zendaya genuinely hopes Rue's journey inspires people rather than feel like an inevitable tragedy.

“I want people to know that there is something beautiful inside of her, whether she can see it at that time or not,” she said. “He proceeded to completely change the ending, and it ended in the most beautiful way and the most incredible performances that you guys brought to life that blow my mind. And really, the idea [is] that art can save lives in many ways. So it went through many iterations, but I’m grateful where it ended, and I’m grateful for all the stories that were then shared with me after that ending.”

Hunter Schafer also spoke on her character, Jules, who romantically parted ways with Rue at the end of the season.

“Each of these characters have their own vice in a way, and I think the product of Jules’ vice that she’s looking for is closeness with other people and feeling affirmed in that closeness without any judgment or real connection and safety in that connection,” she said. “I think she finds it in not the best ways a lot of the time, but I think end of the day, it’s what she’s looking for — what she knows is there with, Rue but there’s stuff in the way; what she knows is with her dad, but there’s stuff in the way; what she knows could be with Elliot, but he’s an addict and everything.”

Moving into the pre-production stages of season three, Zendaya only has wishes for “a little bit of happiness and a little bit of joy.”

“I know that she can do it because Sam wrote it, and Sam is Rue, and he’s done it,” Zendaya pointed out. “He’s proof that there is hope for Rue and anyone like Rue, and from the beautiful letters and people who have reached out — I am so grateful for those experiences when somebody comes up to me, and they speak about Rue and how they’ve connected to her or whatever part of their healing journey she has been able to be a part of. To me that is the greatest, greatest gift I can ever ask, it gives me euphoria and purpose in what I do.”

So what lies ahead of Rue?

“I just hope for a little bit of joy and for her just to be able to breathe and love without the fear of losing,” said Zendaya. “I mean, she’s gonna have to go through some things, yes, but you know, we’ll get there.”

Euphoria season three is expected to hit HBO Max in 2024.

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