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Your Tastebreakers For This Week, May 3rd


I've got iced coffee, you need quality entertainment, you know how it goes. Here's this week's tastebreakers.


Please excuse the language, they made the title, not me. This album is the proud work of the AG Club, AG standing for Avant-Garde. They came up in the Memphis hip hop scene a while back, and now they're here with a brand of music they refer to as "genre-less". I refer to it as "alternative hip hop".

If you crave the days of early Brockhampton, these guys are for you. I know I just poked fun at the genre-less thing, but they really do present a wide range of sound in all their projects. It won't be long before the cuffed pants crowd get ahold of this one, so hop on the train early.

Ted Lasso

I am well aware that Ted Lasso won a Golden Globe. I am well aware it is a very popular show. But, and I'm dead serious about this, Apple TV+ is worth your $4.99 a month just for Ted Lasso.

I've watched good sitcoms in recent years, but this one has a different feel to it. It's the next Office,orParks and Rec, the next sitcom that grabs America by the heart and won't let go.

It has a deeply unique feel to it that we haven't gotten from that sitcom space in years, the cast is incredible, it's funny, endearing, and personable. You'll fall in love with Ted so quick you won't even realize it happened.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Preyis a movie that fell victim to the misogyny of the message board. By that I mean, a very vocal minority strongly disliked this movie, and I suspect it's because it isn't geared toward the usual demographic of the superhero movie. Well, shame on you. Because this movie is fantastic.

Do not let the all too loud minority speak for this film. It's probably my favorite superhero movie of 2020. A bold statement, I know. But it's amazing. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was dragged down by the dud that was Suicide Squad, but here, oh baby, it shines.

Plus, Ewan McGregor is a villain. Obi Wan is dealing in absolutes, people. It's madness.

Luna: The Shadow Dust

I know I always recommend Switch games, but you know what? My Xbox is at home, and I'm on my college campus right now (I miss you so much, Xbox).

But that's fine, because Switch games are awesome. Indie games are awesome.

Luna is not the most exciting game you'll ever play, but it just might be the most beautiful. The artwork and animation are astounding. The best thing about Luna, though, is how it manages to be a fantastic game without key elements of its genre. Mainly, dialogue and hints. You just sort of figure it out.

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