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Your Tastebreakers For This Week, April 25th

You thought it was over, didn't you? Well, in my exceeding professionalism, I completely forgot to do an installment of your favorite series last week. Oops. Well, whatever, let's get tastebreaking, shall we?


Through a TikTok, I learned of the incredible news that one of my top five movies of all time found a home at Netflix. Starring and directed by the brilliant Jon Favreau, who operates behind the camera of The Mandaloriannowadays, Chef is one of the most endearing, wholesome stories you could ever watch. This movie will remind you why you love what you love, and who you do it for. If you don't cry at some point in this film, you need to seriously evaluate yourself.


I know. Really? The indie video game guy is recommending the chess.com app to us? Yes, I am.

I have never taken an interest in chess in the 21 years I've been on this Earth. I found it boring and pretentious, but for some reason, I am fully addicted to chess.com. I have no reasoning for this, I can't explain myself, but start playing and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Nathan For You

This is possibly the most brilliant satire to ever come out of Comedy Central. Nathan For You is a show where Nathan Fielder goes and helps small businesses with creative solutions to drum up more business. What are his solutions, you ask? They include:

- Sneaking chili into hockey games in a massive bodysuit when a restaurant owner lost his permit to sell in the arena

- Renaming a coffee company "Dumb Starbucks" and having it operate as an art installation under penalty

- Having a gas station sell gas at $1.75 a gallon if a rebate is claimed, and the place to claim the rebate is on top of a mountain

It's one of the silliest, funniest shows that's ever aired, and it deserves far more critical acclaim and attention.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Pop-rock band Phoenix hasn't made much noise in recent years, but I'd like everyone to stop and reflect on just how good this album was. The song you'd probably recognize best is 1901, which gained massive popularity after being featured in the soundtrack for NBA 2K13. This was a soundtrack with big names. Produced by Jay Z himself after he purchased his stake in the Brooklyn Nets, we had tracks from names like Kanye, Too $hort, U2, and still this song found a way to shine.

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