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Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Looking to impress your partner with some quality content for the day of love? Look no further! Here's this weeks tastebreakers.

Video Game- Metro Exodus

So, to kick off the romance, here's a post-apocalyptic first person shooter. Play as Artyom, a man living in a nuclear winter in what was Russia. While everyone in the city of Moscow believes there is nothing beyond the metro tunnels they reside in, that the world has been destroyed and wiped out, Artyom believes there is something more for the people he loves, mainly his wife Anna. Play along as Anna and Artyom, along with the rest of their crew, struggle to find civilization in this destitute hellscape.

This game trilogy is based off a novel series by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. As much as the story is a story of survival, badass explosions, etc, it is a story of love. It truly encapsulates how despite the return of humanity to the dark ages, how staying alive is a daily struggle, the passion and love of humanity still shines through. It's a beautiful story of a man who does everything for the person he loves.

TV Show - The Witcher

Based off one of the greatest games ever made, Netflix's original series The Witcher follows the story of Geralt of Rivia (portrayed by Henry Cavill) , a witcher. Witchers are nonhumans, emotionless and fearless, who make a living killing monsters. This show highlights the struggles of being "othered" in society, with preconceived notions of somebody coming back to harm a very good man along the way.

Witchers are not supposed to love. They cannot love. But, as we see in the show, and the game, perhaps this one can...

Album - My Aim is True

This 1977 album from British rock legend Elvis Costello captures the highs and lows of heartbreak. From Alison, a heartbreaking ballad to a past love marrying someone wrong for her, to The Angels Red Shoes, the story of confidence and rejection, Costello perfectly embodies the confidence that comes with being alone to the self doubt and disappointment.

A beautiful album that will either make you happy it's not you feeling that way, or bring you comfort in knowing other people feel that way. Either way, incredible work.

Movie - Brokeback Mountain

This is a beautiful story of two men who come to share a secret love in a deeply homophobic culture. No one, especially the women they're seeing, will understand.

Heartbreaking, ahead of its time, and inspiring, this film starring Jake Gyllenhaal opposite the late great Heath Ledger was the butt of many a homophobic joke for years before society came around to giving it the respect it deserved. Largely ahead of its time, Ang Lee took homosexuality and shoved it down America's throat.

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