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Behind The Scenes: Dwayne Johnson's New Show 'Young Rock'

Behind The Scenes: Dwayne Johnson's New Show 'Young Rock'

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Young Rockexposes Dwayne Johnson in a way audiences have never seen before. From a spunky kid to a determined adult, the cast of the new sitcom is here to spill the deets.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson began his career as a world-renowned wrestler and transformed into a blockbuster movie star. But what happened before all of that?

Young Rock explores Johnson's childhood, teenage years and family life.

Playing the youngest version of The Rock is actor Adrian Groulx.

The young star steps into Johnson's shoes as the child of a wrestling star in the 80's.

"It was fun because I didn't live in the 80's, but technically now I did and it's crazy because the technology's different. You had to walk, you had the TV with the two little knobs and I still don't know what they do. Working with Dwayne was awesome because he's such a family guy, open about his life, very down to Earth and he's such an easy person to talk to. It's like talking to one of your friends."

Playing the teenage version of Johnson is actor Bradley Constant. The star didn't know all that much about The Rock when signing onto the show, but grew to know him very well.

"People will really relate with him more than they already do on another scale. There's so much to unpack in all eras. You get more depth behind, you know, the guy that people think they know now."

New episodes of Young Rock come out every Tuesday on NBC and stream the next day on Peacock.

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