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Dwayne Johnson And Jimmy Fallon Share Teenage Pictures

Dwayne Johnson Roasts Jimmy’s Teenage Photos with Bradley Constant

The WWE star and actor hit The Tonight Show with some of his best childhood pictures!

Ahead of the February 16th premiere of his NBC sitcom Young Rock, Dwayne Johnson met up with Jimmy Fallon to compare pictures from their younger days.

Bradley Constant, who will be playing Young Rock in the upcoming series, joined the stars for the friendly roast session.

It's Hard Being Huge

A young Rock was nothing to mess with. Dwayne shared the story of how kids at his new high school thought he was an undercover cop due to his massive size.

"When we were evicted from Hawaii, we went to go live in Nashville. And in the state of Hawaii, you can get your license at 14, or at least you could back then when I was a kid. So I show up in Nashville driving a car, full, full mustache, 6'4, 220 pounds. The kids were - you know, I looked like not too many people running around Nashville at the time. '21 Jump Street' was a popular TV show that was happening at that time. So, for sure they were like 'you're a narc'.


And, judging from this picture, it really isn't that hard to understand why. If that's a fifteen year old I'm Kevin Hart.

On the Flipside


Upon seeing this, like anyone else would, Johnson and Constant had their fun.

"Is that a mullet?"

"Are you going to school?"


"Are you going to school? Is that a Halloween costume?" Johnson asked in between laughs.


"I think I was trying to say hey, I don't have money, so don't ask me" Constant joked about his fifteen year old self.

It's always good to watch friends have some good natured fun with each other, and we can't wait to see Constant become a Young Rock February 16th on NBC!

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