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Watch: Drew Barrymore Interviews Herself For New TV Talk Show Promo

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Drew Barrymore dropped an exclusive trailer for her new TV talk show!

What's more unique than old Drew Barrymore interviewing her younger self? The trailer for her new talk show just dropped, and it's equally parts genius and adorable.

Drew Barrymore's new talk show (The Drew Barrymore Show) dropped an exclusive trailer Thursday, featuring her present self talking to her past self from her interview on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

The talk show is described as:

"Optimism TV, bringing information, inspiration, and entertainment to the daytime audience ... celebrating every part of humanity along the way."

The agenda includes appearances from celebrity guests, positive stories, events pertaining to human interest and lifestyle segments. However, a new twist is in store - hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Gayle King will make appearances on the show.

What The Show Has In Store

Barrymore spilled a tell-all about what the show has in store, saying:

"We're going to be launching with a digital series and it will include things like Movie Night, which will kick off July 30, actually with Good Burger! It's such a classic. I'm going to be talking to Kenan [Thompson] and Kel [Mitchell]. … I come from movies, I love movies and I want to bring that part of my life into this."

So, what other segments should viewers look out for? Barrymore reveals:

"In The Art of the Interview, I speak to hosts that I really admire, and we get into interesting conversations and I really start my journey with them — with people I admire. All of the things that we sort of love in life, I really want to live on this website."

As for her segment In The Making, it spills a behind the scenes perspective of what it takes to make the show. She reveals:

"I have been a part of this show for over a year now and I want to show you what the journey has been, where were we, what kind of show were we making in 2019 or we thought we were making. Here comes 2020, the most unprecedented year. How do we meet this moment and make obstacles into opportunities and really put out a show that I feel that is respectful and has takeaways and has an intelligent optimism and really just encompasses all that there is in life in a beautiful piggybank? And we'll break it on the floor every day."

Make sure to watch The Drew Barrymore Show when it premieres on September 14th!

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