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Couples From 'The Ultimatum' Look Back On The Relationship Drama

Couples From 'The Ultimatum' Look Back On The Relationship Drama | Celebrity Page

From the creators of the Netflix series Love is Blind, the new dating show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is the latest reality obsession.

The new show is a social experiment that follows six couples close to marriage, but one of the partners in each couple is given an ultimatum. They either have to get married or move on from each other. Throughout eight weeks, the partners get the opportunity to choose new potential partners while putting their love to the test in hopes of gaining more of an understanding for their future.

Our Rachel Smith caught up with some of the couples from the inaugural season.

"We were having those discussions about marriage and we were talking about the next step. Well, for me, I was like I really want to move in together. Alexis wanted to get engaged first...we've tried a lot of other stuff, maybe this will work for us too," Hunter Parr said.

Couple Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger believe this show was a chance to see if they were meant to be.

"It sounds like a cool opportunity, kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience," Madlyn Ballatori said.

"We've been very transparent throughout this whole thing. I think it was just more than the visual side of things, which still shook me a little bit. Just seeing it is what flusters me up here and there, but overall I think it turned out great," Colby Kissinger said.

Cast member Randall Griffin kept his parents in the dark when he first joined the show.

"Initially I didn't even tell my parents. I just told them that I'm going to be on a TV show [and that] Shanique and I are going to be on there together. I didn't tell them I was switching over to live with somebody else. It wasn't until I switched over that I called them and told them I'm actually living with somebody else," Randall said.

Stream The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On on Netflix now.

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