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Broadway Veteran Josh Prince Celebrates Premiere Of 'Trevor The Musical'

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Paying tribute to the origins of the Trevor Project, Trevor: The Musical is now on stage in New York City. Based on the 1994 Academy-Award winning short film, also named Trevor, the new musical project is bringing awareness and entertainment to the stage.

Trevor takes place in 1981, following adolescent Trevor Nelson as he struggles to determine his identity and accept his true self. The musical highlights all of the positive lessons Trevor learns about self love and acceptance, ultimately helping him find the courage to "forge his own path".

The storyline of Trevor sheds so much light onto the challenges most adolescents face when coming to terms with one self. For decades the Trevor Project itself has spread an abundance of awareness and advocacy to struggling youth members of the LGBTQ+ and trans communities, and now with the Broadway debut of Trevor: The Musical, even more positive attention and credit is being directed toward the Trevor Project.

We had the opportunity to sit down and interview the choreographer of the new musical, Josh Prince, who is a Broadway veteran himself. Prince is also recognized as the founding artistic director of Dance Lab New York. He shared his personal connection to Trevor and the mission of the Trevor Project.

I'm personally[ connected to this story, um, for one, I'm also connected to the director Mark Bruni because we both did 'Beautiful: The Carole King Musical' together so it's beautiful to reunite with him on a telling of a story that's this important and this wonderful, and this joyful and so heartfelt.

Prince also elaborated to discuss the power of dance that the musical harnesses.

I'm a huge, you know, fan of dance, and um, as a choreographer the power of movement to help tell a story. I've been with the show for about four or five years now and so to see it come to the city and be enjoyed by audiences, I just feel like it's such a milestone for this story and for the show itself that I'm just so proud to be, i'm, I'm so proud to be there, I'm, I'm more proud and more excited to be there than I am nervous about how it will be received.

Prince also provided us with some more of the plot, backstory, and setting about Trevor: The Musical that all contributed to his inspiration for the show's choreography.

This takes place in the early 80's so I get to go back to all of the late disco, early 80's moves and movements to inspire the movements for these kids who are seeing that for the first time as I give them that material.

He continued on to elaborate about the show's main lead, Holden William Hagelberger, who stars as Trevor.

And our lead character is an artist, our lead character is a performer, our lead character wants to um, wants to express himself through dance and through song, and so it's even more exciting to be able to kind of wrap the idea of movement into that story and to give these actors, these young actors this kind of movement that juxtaposes with this kind of midwestern, 'I'm not really a showbiz kid' sensibility, and the connection of those two things is I think what makes the tone of the show so unique.

We wrapped up our conversation with Prince talking about the overarching message the show delivers to audiences, and how it speaks to the aim of the Trevor Project as a whole.

The show has such a strong message and such an important message and tells it in a way that's so wonderfully entertaining, I mean, it's, it is, it is a joyful ride that gives you, as one might say, all the feels.

The story that Trevor: The Musical provides is an essential contribution to the LGBTQ+ and trans communities, spreading more positivity and awareness about the challenges adolescents face when determining their identities. The musical has begun its performances at Stage 42 on Broadway.

To learn more about Trevor and to buy tickets, visit Trevorthemusical.com.

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