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TikTok is the go-to app for today's music, dance moves, or funny skits! These stars have all the tips you need to go viral.

Baby Ariel's Reign On TikTok! 👑

Ariel Martin, also known as Baby Ariel, cracked the top ten of the most-followed TikTok users this year with 35 million followers!

The star uploads hilarious videos of her dancing with her family, or her version of the latest duet trend on the app. Ariel talked with our social producer, Ricky Cornish, all about her favorite aspects of the app:

"The second I'm able to bring my family into my TikToks and my friends into my TikToks... it doesn't have to be good, we all look like goofballs," Martin said.

You can follow the star on her TikTok today!

But she's not the only star having a blast on the app...

The Power Trevor Tordjman's Dance Skills Have... 🔥

Not just anybody can serve an incredible dance routine on TikTok. However, Trevor Tordjman knows how to bust a move on the app!

Popular dance challenges based on new songs have taken over TikTok, including "Say So" by Doja Cat, "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion, "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd and so many more!

Need some dance tips to get started? Here's what Trevor had to say:

"Slide up, throw the arms up, that's an easy groove," Tordjman said.

Check out more of his impressive moves here!

Jason Derulo's Talent Shakes Up TikTok 🔥

If there's anyone who has truly mastered TikTok, it's Jason Derulo!

You can catch the multitalented artist singing, dancing, baking, swimming, playing basketball and doing so many incredible activities all over his profile.

The key to a viral TikTok according to Jason? Just being yourself!

"Whatever you love to do is what you can post about!" Derulo said.

Want to add to Jason's 32 million followers? Check out his profile here!

But what about games? There's something for that too...

Rebecca Zamolo Brings The Fun! 🌈

Rebecca Zamolo is a social media mogul, with millions of followers on her platforms - including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube!

The star does a great job interacting with her fans on her social channels, including TikTok, and she's excited that more social media influencers are getting their breakthroughs on the viral app!

"It's a place where anyone can get discovered and anyone can really become famous. I think that's the big appeal," Zamolo said.

Now, Rebecca is using her platform to reach her audience like never before by launching The Game Master Network app.

"It's really important to me that the audience or whoever's watching is feeling like they're a part of it and connected to it. The Game Master Network app is a part of that," Zamolo said.

You can learn more about The Game Master Network app here and you can follow Rebecca on TikTok today!

Montana Tucker Creates Viral #HolaChallenge 👋

Montana Tucker's new music career is taking off, thanks to TikTok!

The artist dropping her new single, "Hola," and immediately taking to TikTok to create a new dance challenge. As a dancer herself, the singer is loving all of the attention her new bop is getting!

"It's really crazy and cool to be making these dances up to my own songs and having people dance to them," Tucker said. "It's still so wild to me!"

Montana also made history as the first and only female signed to Pitbull's Mr. 305 Records.

"I actually opened for Pitbull when I was younger and it kinda just came full-circle to be able to be signed with him!"

Watch the "Hola" lyric video today and check out Montana's TikTok profile here.

The Martinez Twins Bring Double Trouble! 📱

If you're a fan of YouTube and social media, then you've definitely come across the Martinez twins!

The hilarious brothers do it all on their very popular social media pages. From dancing videos to modeling and even pranks!

Now, the superstar brothers are releasing new music of their own! The twins just dropped their first two singles including "Paraiso" and "La Dieta," which are already gaining millions of views on YouTube.

"We love 'Paraiso.' We were really nervous because that was our first song. Our dream was to always be a singer," Emilio Martinez said.
"For me, and I think for him too, it's a dream come true," Ivan Martinez said.

The Martinez Twins' forthcoming EP, La Revolución, comes out this Fall! Check out Emilio's TikTok here, Ivan's TikTok here and their conjoined account here!

Adelaine Morin Drops New Music! 🎤

At just 22-years-old, Adelaine Morin has taken over social media with her amazing fashion vlogs, women empowerment messages and fun content!

Beyond the vlogs, the star is now dropping new music, including a debut EP this Fall.

"Every song is a stage of a breakup, so I'm just excited for girls or guys to relate and go through the journey together," Morin said. "That's been my journey over this past year, so I hope that it helps and when people listen to it, they like it!"

You can check out Adelaine's amazing content on her TikTok today.

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