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The Ups and Downs of Sting and The Police

No one could stop Sting and The Police! Except for well... Sting and The Police

As Don't Stand So Close to Me enjoys a resurgence by becoming one of the themes of 2020, Reelz is taking a look at the story behind the songs of Sting and The Police.

The rock group was unstoppable. From Every Breath you Take to Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, it seemed like Everything The Police released was a hit.

But as the band picked up momentum, sparks began to fly in the studio. Sting and his bandmates would reportedly bicker on constantly while recording.

The Police & Sting: The Story of Their Songs sits down with The Police Producer, Hugh Padgham who says that it got to the point where the band had a meeting and posed the question, "Shall we carry on making this record? Or shall we break up as a band right now?"

Find out more about how Sting and The Police broke up and what went into making their hit music when The Police & Sting: The Story of Their Songs airs Sunday, January 3rd on Reelz.

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