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Here Comes The Bride: 'The Crown' Returns To Netflix For Fourth Season

8022 Royal Insider

'The Crown' is back and this season tells the tale of Princess Diana

Season four of The Crown dropped on Netflix November 15th and the new season is all about Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana.

This new season is going to portray the love story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Emma Corrin is the lucky actress who will be playing Princess Diana. We talked to her about her new role :

"She was 19 when she got married and to think something so monumental happened to her at that stage of her life when she was really plucked form the normal trajectory of like how a person grows and evolves into this very extraordinary circumstance."

This season we will get to see Prince Charles and Diana's world famous wedding. The show has even given us glimpses of Corrin in that iconic and trend-setting wedding gown. Hopefully this season we will also get to see a young Prince William and Harry.

The show will depict Princess Diana's rise to fame across the world and the drama behind the scenes that their relationship caused the crown.

The iconic coupe is not all that we will see this season, we will also see a dynamic duo of women in power. The show will convey a lot of the issues and collaborations between the first female Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, and Queen Elizabeth.

Our resident royal insider Rob Shuter gave us some insight into the new season of The Crown. Sonia sat down with him asked him about how accurate the show really is.

"The show is very, very accurate. It could be a historical document. They spent a lot of time, effort and money to make sure every single detail is just right."

Sonia also asked Shuter about Princess Diana's legacy.

"Princess Diana is an extraordinary, extraordinary person who really changed history. She changed the royal family forever. The Meghan Markle's, the Kate Middleton's that we know today would not exist if it wasn't for Princess Diana. At the end of her life she no longer had a royal title but it didn't matter; she was and will always be 'The People's Princess.' "

Lastly, Sonia asked the question that was on everyones minds...does the royal family watch The Crown?

"I will guess yes they do. Now let's remember they're aware of what is being said about them. Could you imagine a series based on your family and you didn't watch? No, no, no. They are definitely watching. Maybe not the Queen but the younger royals cannot get enough and neither can we."

To hear more from Rob Shuter listen to his iHeartRadio show "Naughty But Nice" and watch The Crown now on Netflix. Prepare to binge the entire season this weekend!

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