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Freeform's female-driven workplace comedy-drama The Bold Type wraps up its groundbreaking series tonight after a five season run.

Based on the life experiences of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, The Bold Type follows the story of three women working in the cutthroat women's magazine industry in New York City. It is heavy on themes of modern millennial culture, sexuality, and the meaning of vulnerability in friendships.

The first season aired in 2017, to critical acclaim. It centers around three friends who hold various positions at the fictional Scarlet magazine. Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) is a Colorado native and political writer, Sutton Brandy-Hunter (Meghann Fahy),is a Penn State alumni who chooses to follow her dreams and switch her career prospects from business to fashion, and Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) is Head of Social Media at Scarlet and is known for her opinionated nature. The Bold Type depicts the group's struggles with romance, family, and figuring out who they are.

The emotional season 5 contains only six episodes, and includes plot lines revolving around marriage issues, therapy, and many more intense life events.

Melora Hardin, who plays Jacqueline Carlyle, the assertive yet agreeable editor-in-chief of Scarlet magazine, weighs in on the show's strengths and values and why it connects with viewers. She told Advocate Channel correspondent Arthur Kade:

"It's really wonderful to see, in my case, you know, a woman of power who is also kind." She told Arthur Kade. "The young women that are my employees, you know, watching them support one another, watching them hold each other up. I think that's one of the best things about the show."

As far as the finale, Hardin believes that fans will not be disappointed when it comes to the fate of their favorite characters:

"We worked really hard to make sure that the fans would be satisfied. Everything's not tied up perfectly with a bow, but I think you will feel good about where these characters are going and where their next steps are." She said.

The final episode of The Bold Type, "I Expect You to Have Adventures", premieres tonight on Freeform and July 1st Hulu.

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