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'The Bachelorette' Has Been Blown Up: Recap

Bachelorette Recap

Here's everything you might have missed last night!

"Congratulations. You've just blown up The Bachelorette."

Those were the seven words that Chris Harrison muttered to Clare, letting us know all of the rumors were true.

Last night's Bachelorette episode was one for the books. Clare and Dale "rode off into the sunset" together on the fourth episode. Yes, that's right. Clare lasted four episodes before calling off the whole show.

When Chris approached the star, asking what was going on, she said:

"I totally am like head over heels for Dale."

She then admitted that it was "over" for her. She was already in love with Dale.

So how exactly did she fall in love with Dale over such a short period of time? Was it love at first sight? Or did the two talk before the show even started? Well, Chris asked Clare if they had been in contact prior to the show, and she said:

"Not one bit, not one word. I swear on my Dad's grave."

Clare called off the cocktail party and the rose ceremony, and went on a one-on-one date with Dale. On their romantic dinner date, Clare said:

"I'm so falling in love with you."

Soon after, the pair scurried away to the fantasy suite, where they spent the night only talking and playing board games.

Later in the episode, Clare broke up with all 16 remaining men. (And you felt bad when you had to break up with one man.) The men were disappointed, but we all know it probably had less to do with Clare leaving and more to do with their future Sugar Bear Hair contracts being ripped away from them.

Post breakup came the proposal. Dale proposed to Clare, and the two left the show together. So what about the rest of the men? Fear not, Tayshia Adams was there to save the day! The men got all spiffed up to meet their new mystery woman... and soon enough, Tayshia stepped out of the limo.

Meet the New Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams 

So what's next for the new bachelorette? Will she fall in love with one of Clare's former exes? Will the men fall for Tayshia? Or will they riot and chase down Clare? We'll have to wait and see... on the most dramatic season in Bachelorette history.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays on ABC.

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