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'The Bachelorette' Ep. 3 Recap

Bachelorette Ep. 3 Recap

The Bachelorette is finally starting to give us the drama we've been looking for.

The Bacheloretteis finally starting to give us the drama we've been looking for.

Episode 3 kicked off with none other than Yosef. Extremely displeased by how the last group date went (Yes, the one he wasn't even on), Yosef decided to tell Clare how he really felt. Yosef threw insult after insult after insult, even calling the bachelorette "classless." No surprise, Clare was not having it. She kicked him off the show, and as he walked off, he said:

"I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette that's ever been."

Oh Yosef… why?

Clare then bursted into tears, and guess who came to save the day? Dale, of course. The tall, dark and handsome guy swooped in at the "perfect" time. (Good job, producers.)

From there on out, it pretty much became the Clare and Dale show. In fact, even on a group date with countless other guys, Clare spent almost a full hour talking and making out with Dale.

But wait. There are other men… sort of.

Clare invited Zach to go on a one-on-one date with her. Though it seemed like sparks were flying on Zach's end, as an outsider looking in, the full date was just one long, awkward encounter, at best. After Clare went in for a kiss and Zach moved away (not intentionally, he reminded the camera maybe 15 times), Clare felt "triggered" and sent him home. Zach seemed desperate for Clare's affection and confused as to why it was over between the two of them. Poor guy never had a chance, especially with Dale in the running.

And last but not least, the final group date! The group date gave Clare so many options for possible future spouses. However, none of them were Dale, so no one got a rose at the end of the cocktail party. The date kicked off with a roast, inspired and coached by comedian Margaret Cho. But things went haywire when all of the men, (yes, all of the men) roasted Dale. As you might have already guessed, this did not go over well. Clare spent the rest of the date asking the men why they were roasting her "husband," and when none of them wanted to focus on that, she said she "didn't get what she needed" out of them and couldn't hand out a rose. She later told one of the show's producers that she couldn't stand that the men were being mean to her "fiancé."

The episode ended with a promo of Tayshia Adams, which means the rumors must be true! Tayshia will be swooping in next episode to save the day (and season).

You can catch The Bachelorette Tuesdays on ABC.

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