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'This Is Us' Star Eris Baker Opens Up About Tess Pearson's Sexuality

Eris Baker Opens Up to Celebrity Page About Tess Pearson's Sexuality on This Is Us

'This Is Us' Explores Inclusive Storylines From Race to Sexuality to Self-Acceptance

"That's something that you need on television."

Each season, This Is Uscontinues to take viewers on an emotional journey telling stories from the perspective of different races, genders, and stages of life. The characters oftentimes look different from each other but are all connected through the Pearson family.

Tess Pearson, played by Eris Baker, is the daughter of Randall Pearson, a black man who was adopted into the Pearson family.

The NBC series now entering its 5th season has begun to tell Tess' story who is opening up about her sexuality. The young teenager has gone from hinting at her first kiss possibly being with a girl, to fully expressing to her parents that she thinks she might be gay.

Eris Baker recently opening up to Advocate Channel about Tess being part of the LGBTQ community saying, "I think that not only does this character help kids..." "But it helps parents as well."

Baker also empathizing with any person who may be struggling with their sexuality telling Advocate Channel exclusively, "I was trying to learn other people's stories so I could really understand Tess. And, it just really made me sad that people are afraid that they are not gonna get accepted." "For Tess to be in the Pearson family, in a really accepting family that loves her, that's something that you need on television."

Season 5 of This Is Us premieres tonight on NBC.

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