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Service Dog of George H.W. Bush Gets A Bronze Statue

This loyal pup is getting honored with a life-sized statue of himself! Congrats #SullyHWBush

Sully H.W. Bush is quite the hero, with over 265,000 followers on Instagram. At only four years of age, this dog has stood by the side of former President George H.W. Bush during the last six months of his life along with his current role as a facility dog at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. In celebration of Veterans Day, Sully's bronze statue has just been unveiled this Tuesday.

An Unveiling Ceremony

This Tuesday, Sully H.W. Bush made his way to the America's VetDogs campus in Smithtown, Long Island to have his bronze statue unveiled, honoring his work done as a highly trained service dog and to remember the times he spent serving former President George H.W. Bush.

The sculpture was designed by Susan Bahary, who specializes in keeping the memory of service dogs alive with her realistic creations. In Sully's new bronze sculpture, he is portrayed sitting with his leash in his mouth, a standard position vet service dogs know when working with their handlers. He is also shown with the Great Seal of the United States on his back while wearing an official America's VetDogs service dog vest.

America's VetDogs

At the start of his life, Sully was given training at America's VetDogs, who since 2003 has provided dogs with proper training to assist veterans with their mobility and, of course, companionship. In 2015, America's VetDogs has gone on to provide further training for dogs in service for first responders.

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