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'Love is Blind's' ‘Shake’ Chatterjee and Bachelor Nation's Nick Viall Are Feuding. Here's Why:

'Love is Blind's' ‘Shake’ Chatterjee and Bachelor Nation's Nick Viall Are Feuding. Here's Why:


The Love is Blind drama continues and this time former Bachelor star Nick Viall is getting involved.

If you don't know by now, Love is Blind couple Abhisehk "Shake" Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati didn't make it past the altar on their wedding day.

The pair has been very open about their split, with Chatterjee making multiple comments defending his honesty after receiving backlash from fans of the show.

Now Shake is wrapped up in new drama with Nick Viall.

Viall, who has his own podcast called Viall Files, recently welcomed Vempati onto his show where she discussed her experience on Love is Blind and failed relationship with Chatterjee.

After posting a clip to Instagram of his upcoming interview with Vempati to promote the episode, Chatterjee responded in the comments,

"By saw my character come out you mean went back to dating my usual type Like what were you expecting. You said no to me at the altar. You got upset when I posted pics with other girls?”

To which Viall then replied,

“No she means your complete lack of self-awareness that you so perfectly demonstrate with this comment. Learn how to take an L.”

The veterinarian answered back once more telling Viall,

"Suck it Nick."

Viall went on to screenshot the exchange and used it to create an Instagram reel demonstrating a lesson on "how to take a loss."

"Too many of you when you are rejected or criticized for your actions, instead of responding with humility that might get someone to reconsider their position on you, you will do the very thing that verifies why you should have been rejected or criticized in the first place,” Viall said in his March 3, Instagram video. “Is it normal to get defensive when you feel criticized or rejected? Yes. But the difference between being a child and a mature, attractive adult would be your ability to control those emotions.”

Vempati opened up to Viall on the March 2 podcast episode about her split from Chatterjee and where their relationship stood after the show had finished filming.

"After filming had wrapped, I was under the impression that we could at least celebrate this friendship that we built cause we’ve gone through something so insane and that like no one else understands,” Deepti said. “As the days unfolded after filming had wrapped, I just started to see more of his true character. … I was so disappointed. Honestly, there are no words. And I’m pretty sure he got a good edit. I’ve heard from castmates that he said way worse. So that says something."

While Vempati and Chatterjee developed a very strong emotional connection on the show over their shared culture, Chatterjee constantly admitted to the cameras that he struggled to feel any physical attraction for his fiancé, even referring to the situation like being in a relationship with his aunt.

Vempati ultimately decided to call things off on their wedding day.

While fans of Love is Blind have been critical of Shake's shallow comments and treatment of Vempati on the show, Vempati has continued to defend himself.

“This show’s about finding love, OK?” said Shake during the Love is Blind season two reunion, which was released on Friday, March 4. “It’s not about rushing into something … skipping steps, you know, three through 20 to get to the end goal. … You don’t know what it is until you’re there.”

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