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Sarah Sherman Is Ready to "Become More Trippy" on SNL

Sarah Sherman Is Ready to "Become More Trippy" on SNL


Sarah Sherman, also known as Sarah Squirm, has landed herself a striking new bit on "Saturday Night Live."

Sherman’s background as a comedian, actress, and screenwriter are not the only things she has up her sleeve. Her love for making "out there" content has paved the way for her to become the new Chucky.

In a recent sketch on "Saturday Night Live," the old tail of the murderous doll was rewritten…. sort of. Now, Chucky is all grown up, working his nine-to-five in a luxurious high rise building where things get very bloody.

A perfect mix of Sherman's imagination and creativity, the new sketch seems to just be the beginning for the comedian.

Making her way from open mics in Chicago to now starring on national television, the star reminisced with Nylon about her early days in the bizz.

A run-in with an old friend led to some recent reflection.

“ It made me emotional and I was like, ‘I can't even believe you remember that.” Sherman shared.

Sherman also shared where her obsession with "body horror" came from.

“Growing up on Long Island where there's 13-year-old girls getting nose jobs and doing laser hair removal, and that being kind of metabolized as normal, which is like, do whatever you want to do, I don't care, but we can all agree, it’s totally invasive, painful, brutal procedures."

After coming a long way, Sherman shares she's ready to take the plunge and “become more trippy and far out." She continues to inspire others to be themselves.

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