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Shay Mitchell, "Do better." One TikToker Alleges Cruel Experience With the Actress


Revolve Festival clearly isn't all fun and games, just ask the hundreds of people that showed up this year and compared it to Fyre Festival. But one goer, in particular, opened up about her experience back in 2019, sharing that the issues during the annual event go beyond the brand...

Brittni Shalit, fashion and travel TikToker known as @BrittniJoy, recently took to the social media platform to share her shocking experience that allegedly occurred with a celebrity she "admired." The celebrity was later confirmed to be actress and Beis founder Shay Mitchell.

Shalit began the video saying that she didn't "even know if I should be sharing this on Tiktok," but then proceeded to tell viewers about an interaction with a celebrity that caused her to walk away crying.

"I don't give a sh*t about celebrities," Shalit said in her video. "But I really just wanted to tell her I admire her."

After approaching Mitchell, she was in "disbelief" with how the "Pretty Little Liars" star treated her.

"I never went up to her saying 'can we take a photo'," Shalit reveals to advocatechannel.com. "I literally just went up to her to say I admired her. She could have just said 'thank you' and walked away."

Instead, Shalit shares that Mitchell "didn't even acknowledge" her, making her feel like "the scum of the motherf*cking earth."

"She literally looked at me, looked me up and down, and her hairdresser turned to me and said 'yeah and that's a bye.'"


should I be sharing this probably not but all these revolve festival TikTok’s had me thinking about it

Shalit told advocatechannel.com that she never intended to share the name. But after mentioning, in her video, that she and the unnamed celebrity were "twinning" with their Revolve Festival outfits, TikTok users did some investigative work and found that it was Mitchell.

As her video continued to blow up with comments, she finally pinned one that said "Shay Mitchell," confirming that it was her. Countless users later commented "@ShayMitchell, do better," urging the actress to take accountability for her actions.

Though the video has since gone viral, and Mitchell has yet to publicly apologize, Shalit is encouraging her followers to look at the situation in a productive way and "learn from this experience."

"I don't believe in cancel culture," she tells us. "But we can all be better as human beings to other human beings."

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