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Celebs Create Viral Videos In First Episode Of 'Celebrity Show-Off'

Celebs Create Viral Videos In First Episode Of 'Celebrity Show-Off'
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The show premiered last night and it was a smash!

TBS premiered the first episode of Celebrity Show-Off last night!

Celebrity Show-Offfollows a simple concept where celebrities create internet videos that audiences watch on YouTube. The celebrity with the least amount of views, view duration, and engagement level get cancelled. The longer the celebrities stay in the competition, the more money they win for their charity.

Jason Mraz Musical Comedy Skit

Musician and Grammy winner Jason Mraz took full advantage of his avocado ranch. Mraz's video was a comedy and musical skit about having a perfect day were he plays with his cats, gets high, and eats. The skit included an appearance from his musician friend Rob Thomas as a floating head. Mraz also showed off his many instrumental talents and dressed up in silly fruit costumes.

Willis Sisters Take On Fear Fear

The Willis sisters Tallulah, Rummer, and Scout were inspired by Fear Factor for their video taking on three stunts. The first was the "Polar Plunge" where they had to jump into a cold 45-degree lake. For the second stunt, arrows were shot at a colored target, determining the disgusting liquid to be consumed. Finally, it was time to bob for sardines where each of the girls moved sardines from a plate of whipped cream to a bowl. The catch...they had to use their mouths. Gross!

Ja Rule's Greek Commercial

Musician Ja Rule helped an under-perfoming business by making a viral video for Papa Cristo's, a Greek restaurant in Los Angeles. For the commercial, Rule stands behind a green screen, mispronouncing dishes, throwing pitas, and dancing. The video gained media attention and was trending on Twitter.

Kevin Smith Creates His Own Sitcom

Mallrats and Clerks director Kevin Smith decided to focus on a sitcom entitled Son-In-Lockdown. The short sitcom focused on Smith's daughter Harley Quinn and her boyfriend Austin Zajur, who moved in during quarantine. In the skit, Zajur walked around naked, invaded Kevin Smith's calls, and brought over unwelcome cats. Jason Mewes also made an appearance and is a longtime friend and costar of Smith's.

Bella Thorne Hunts Down A Ghost

Bella Thorne and her sister teamed up to hunt down a ghost in their new home due to creepy experiences. In the end it was a prank by the girl's roommate Charlie.

The Willis sisters quarantined in Sun Valley, Idaho, but sadly dropped out of the competition stating they are not quarantining together any longer and it would not be fair for the competition. They did win money for Feeding America.

Tori Spelling joins in on the fun. All participating videos are uploaded, make sure you check them out to find out who gets cancelled next week!

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