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Ralph Lauren Unveils Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Ralph Lauren Unveils Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Ralph Lauren, the official supplier of Team USA's attire, created a classic but refreshing look for America's athletes for the Toyko Games.

The goal for the company was to create something that was comfortable for the athletes but also fashionable and representative of the United States of America. This is no doubt a hard task but they came through in a big way.

The uniform is very sleek and polished but besides the sheer look of it, the jacket comes with built in RL COOLING technology that is meant to allow athletes to regulate their temperature in what may be the hottest Olympics on record.

The battery-powered device on the neck shoots cold air through the jacket and on the body to try to fight against the humid and sticky weather.

We can better see the cooling technology on the flag bearer's jacket. The small circle on the back of the neck is the device that shoots air through the body. It is said to be very powerful with a long-lasting battery that can survive through the heat.

The Ralph Lauren Heated Jacket previously debuted in the last Olympics so this technology seems to be the opposing branch of the temperature technology in the company's arsenal. Supposedly the flag bearer will be the only one with this technology at the actual opening ceremony, however the other athletes will receive it in their jackets at a later time.

What's also exciting is that these jackets will go on sale for the public eventually as Ralph Lauren begins to ramp up production during the games.

We keep getting closer and closer to the Olympics and the unveiling of these jackets seems to be another reminder that the games are right around the corner! Keep up to date with Olympic news here and be sure to tune in this whole summer for what is sure to be a historic Olympics in Tokyo.

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