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Rachel Hollis Issues an Apology on Recent Controversial Comments

Rachel Hollis Issues an Apology on Recent Controversial Comments

Rachel Hollis

Here is everything you need to know about #RachelHollis' recent Instagram controversy.

Author Rachel Hollis took to Instagram on Monday, April 5th to address insensitive comments about privilege she made last week in a video.

Hollis, author of best-selling books like Girl, Wash Your Face, posted a since-deleted video to her social medias last week in which she recounts a story that happened on her live-stream the day before. You can watch the resurfaced video on Twitter below:

"Yesterday, I was doing a live stream and I mentioned that there's this sweet woman who comes to my house twice a week and cleans. She's my house cleaner. She cleans the toilets. Someone commented and said, 'You're privileged AF' and I was like, 'You're right. I'm super freaking privileged, but also I worked my ass off to have the money to have someone come twice a week and clean my toilets' and I told her that. And then she said, 'Well, you're unrelatable.'"

The author continued:

"No, sis, literally everything I do in my life is to live a life that most people can't relate to. Most people won't work this hard. Most people won't get up at 4 a.m. Most people won't fail publicly again and again just to reach the top of the mountain. Literally, every woman I admire in history was unrelatable. If my life is relatable to most people, I'm doing it wrong."

Viewers of the video since took to social media to discuss how these comments by Hollis were extremely unaware and insensitive. This Twitter user said:

On April 5, Hollis took to Instagram to address these comments and apologize.

"I disregarded the people whose hard work doesn't afford them financial security, often due to inherently racist and biased systems."

At the end of her statement, Hollis claimed to take full accountability and promised to listen more.

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