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How the Connie Norman Center Is Empowering the Trans and Nonbinary Community

Stephen Walker and Pride Today visited the Connie Norman Empowerment Center in Los Angeles, California, to shine a light on all of the amazing work they're do for the trans and nonbinary community.

Stephen Walker spoke with Chanel Lumiere, the building manager and an educator at the empowerment center. Lumiere shared that offer a variety of classes, including wellness management, financial literacy, and yoga classes.

Gris Paloma, the media director at the flux organization, based out of the center, shared how they help the community by providing a safe, consistent, and well-equipped space for content creators, artists, and performers to create content and grow their talents.

"They have empowered me to speak my truth, to see my truth as my power, and not to be afraid of sharing that truth online, on social media, and in my own personal day-to-day life," Paloma said.

Nicole Trella, a TV producer and developer for a non-scripted tv production company, goes to the Norman Center to have a place to meet and interact with other trans women.

"Having a place where you come and feel welcomed, understood, and beautiful is so important for our mental health," Trella said. "To know that I can go somewhere and have help if I'm feeling low."

The center also offers a closet for the community to 'shop' if they are in need of products, clothes, or shoes.

The center is specific to trans and non-binary individuals, but their doors are open for everyone, including allies. They are also opening a clinic specific to trans needs in 2023 through the AIDS healthcare foundation.

You can follow the Connie Norman center on Instagram at @flux_ahf, @theuwcofficial, and @connienormantec.

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