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The Cast Of 'PAW Patrol' Reveals Inspiration For Joining The Family Film

Here's the perfect family movie for National Dog Day!

Paws up!

The wildly popular cartoon, PAW Patrol, is now a feature film!

Will Brisbin, who plays Ryder, takes top billing in the all-star cast as the human leader of the patrol.

"In the movie, they leave Adventure Bay and they go to Adventure City, where Mayor Humdinger has taken over the city. He's making all of these crazy decisions and so the stakes are super high for the Paw Patrol as they try to save the city," Brisbin said.

The movie is also packed with big star voices including Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry and Jimmy Kimmel who all took part for one simple reason.

"My kids love PAW Patrol, so they are so excited. That just makes me happy," Kardashian said.

"My son's the biggest PAW Patrol fan in the house. I'm hopeful this will make me a big shot, at least for a couple of days," Kimmel said.

"I have a son who is six-years-old now and he loves it so much. That's the reason I said yes. I really wanted to be apart of something that he could appreciate as much as I do," Perry said.

Even Maroon 5's Adam Levine got involved... just to impress his daughters!

"They love it. The movie's going to translate really well too. I just feel like it's one of those things that, up until now, you couldn't believe there wasn't a movie," Levine said.

PAW Patrol is in theaters and streaming on Paramount+.

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