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Pride Today: 'Pam and Tommy' Stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan

Pride Today: 'Pam and Tommy' Stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan

The new series 'Pam and Tommy' tells the story of the tumultuous marriage of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and the role that media sexism and misogyny played in one of the internet's earliest celebrity sex tape scandals. Out.com Digital Director Raffy Ermac interviewed the series stars, Lily James and Sebastian Stan, on what it was like portraying Pam and Tommy.

In Ermac's interview with the two, James explained the importance of retelling Anderson and Lee's story.

"The sort of reason to relook at this story is to tell it through our lens now, and in this way, we sort of are looking back at different events from that time, the 90's..." James told Ermac

James also explained that the series is:

"Reframing what happened and looking at our own culpability and trying to learn and do better and grow from that because it did feel like she (Anderson) was, you know, the media, or the media and what they do but it was, you know, that when you look at this story from their headlines, it's completely misleading," James told Ermac

Ultimately what she is saying, is during the '90s, the headlines framed the story in a different way than how it actually happened. Anderson has since spoken about the situation and been able to tell her side of the story. The series was then created to retell the story in a more accurate lens than what the media had portrayed at the time.

Stan spoke more about how he was able to understand Lee and thus how to portray him. Stan said:

"I was born in Romania, I guess he (Lee) was born in Greece, you know his parents had met in this whirlwind kind of way, not very unlike how him (Lee) and Pamela, and you know they got married, his father met his mom in Greece and then they moved over to the states," Lee told Ermac

Stan also explained that Lee's mom:

"Actually didn't speak English for the first few years of his life so it's interesting because then you know, you're learning these things and you try to understand how decisions get made or where we get certain things that we get as we grow up right? and so it provided some context form me, for you know, about him (Lee) I guess," Lee told Ermac

Stan was able to make a connection of coming to Lee by coming to the states from another country. He learned about Lee's background in order to provide context on how he formulated decisions, which prepared him for this role.

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